Let me Always Choose Jesus

Let my heart always choose Jesus. Even in the darkness of night and in loneliness let me remember You cause the sun to shine and the air in my lungs. Let me remember the sunshine on my face. And how Your love warms my heart with a warm embrace. Let my heart praise You all the more in my darkest hour! Let my heart beat instep with Your heart. Let me always choose You. To choose to run to you even in the battle. When hope seems lost to me. When the fight seems too much. When heartbreak is all I see. Let me choose You! Let me choose truth over the lies. Let me run to You and know You, Abba, are always by my side. You choose me when I run in shame. And You promise to always love me the same! And so I will sit in Your beautiful presence and worship Your Holy Name. Holy Spirit fill me with wisdom and strength to have the boldness I’ve been given. To step into the plans God is putting into motion. And to stand with peace and sure foundation even in the middle of chaos. To confidently and humbly walk out the plans He has for me.

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