My Abba God

You knew me as you formed me

You set in motion the things You have for me

And though this life has been filled with hurt and pain

Your plans are for restoration and redemption

You fought for me

Chased me time and again

You waited with arms wide open

Waiting for me to turn to you and see

That all my past all my shame

Erased from the record in Your Name

Who I was is gone

She is no longer who I am

I am who You say I am!

I am redeemed

I am a daughter

A Saint

Called for a purpose

And set apart

The world no longer defines me

Twisted words of the enemy given by others have no place

For You speak truth and peace over me

You sing Your love to my heart

Even in the tears I know You see me

You see me where I am

You know my heart

You know my thought

My shortcomings

And yet You never stop pursuing me

And because of this I will stand my ground

I’ll stand in the middle of fear and lies

I’ll stand with peace in my heart and courage in my mind

Because I’m grounded in Your love

Your truth

Because I have seen your hand in my life

We have history

So I will shout You faithfulness from the mountains

I will stand in Your sweet whispers to my heart

And I will keep fighting to cling to You

For You have my heart

My Abba God

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