Down Pour of Life to My Soul

Some times you come home and plan on getting some things done before bed. When your Heavenly Abba calls your heart into a dance, worship, prayer time with Him. And after quite some time of what felt like silence from Him it felt like a down pour of His presence with Him. That only tired feet could get me to sleep.

To choose Him instead of giving into the silence. To choose Him instead of giving into temptation and falling back to who I was. To choose Him instead of anything in this world is not easy. But time and again even through the questions, heart break, and seemingly delays time and again He shows up.

He breaks through the enemy’s lies and yelling in my head. He never pushes me away, but keeps fighting for me. Even in my doubt and weak trust there is no one I’d run to but Him. Know one I trust like Him. And through trial or storm, though there maybe tears, I will always choose Him.

For He broke through the darkest of nights and broke me out of such a hopeless place. He came for me and speaks my value when I felt I had none. May I always in all glorify Him until the day I breathe my last.

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