Are you and silence friends or enemies? I used to be at odds with silence. Silence freaked me out. It made me think. Mae me think about things I wanted to be distracted from. Plus, living in apartments, it cover up noisy neighbors. But even in my car i had to have the radio or... Continue Reading →

When we just need to be held (replacement for Motivation Monday)

Hi loves! What a week it has been!  As some of my regular readers might have realized , I did not post a Monday Motivation this week.  (I also didn’t get my Throw Back Thursday done last week either-that was bad planning on my part. sorry!)  I didn’t get the Monday Motivation posted due to... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation(Vaca edition)

Hello from an adorable coffee shop I'm at while on Vacation!  I just wanted to encourage you all with this thought today.  God restores us!   When we are weary He comes at the right time give us rest. For me it was this well needed time away from everything going on in my life... Continue Reading →

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