Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you are single, in a relationship, married, or wherever today finds you, I want to share some encouragement for today. Wherever you are in life you can know for sure one thing. That there is a God who created you, knew you before your were ever born, and loves you! As... Continue Reading →


I take comfort in this verse. You might be thinking that's a weird comment for me to make about that verse. I take comfort in it because it is in the Bible. And since it is in the Bible this verse and many others like it are a way of validating grief and depression. I'm... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation

Hi Loves!  I hope you are having a great Monday, but if you're maybe having a rough time of it today...then join the club! I feel ya! Today is one of those days when lack of sleep and stress is causing an all out war that requires me to really dig into Christ and hold... Continue Reading →

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